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[EA] Outsiders look into eRepublik

Día 1,910, 13:25 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por EnterAwesome

Hello Once again Readers,

On February 15th I’ll be EnterAwesome

So I’m sitting her in a computer lab. Now first of all, I am a bit out of place because I’m rather small..ish. With these particular huge chairs my feet barely touch the ground and I always feel watched.

So this girl sits next to me and starts up her computer and I really don’t pay any attention to her at first. But then I noticed her like glancing over on my computer screenconstantly. I’m wondering she sees… well its a lot lol.

I have Taylor Swift’s Trouble song playing but it is a dubstep version and it was pretty loud so I’m sure she could hear it from where she is sitting. I turned it up louder just to confirm my suspicion as she looked at me as I turned up the volume on youtube...

Even Taylor swift is loling

Erepublik is up on a battle and all these tanks and things are showing up on my screen. She knows I am in an instant messenger of some sorts but I’m sure she can’t tell what the hell mibbit is or what it even means. Probably something about frogs… like a society of people who loves frogs. I don’t know.

I’m pretty sure she saw multiple fed man dancer emoticons

And is probably wondering what Lockeism is after seeing so much forum signatures that I let show on my screen for some time on purpose.

She started to pack and was about to leave. I stopped what I was doing and told her that I was competing for Party President and pointed at my computer screen nonchalantly giving a warm smile. She was very confused and just said “awesome” and proceeded to walk away. I said “Yes, I am Awesome” as she walked away with no response. Literally, I am enterAwesome. It is like she knew subconsciously.

So I wonder what I must look like to people I don’t notice. And its funny, because I don’t care. I love eRepublik, maybe someday one of you will see me and be like OMG ENTERAWESOME?

This was just a funny story I thought I’d share.. plus I want to look normal and have a word document open just like 90% of the other people in here. Nerds. 😛

As Always ,



Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Día 1,910, 13:27

lol except when other people see me on eRep I run and never look back

Voted 😁

stewy Día 1,910, 13:29

hehe.. those "normal" people are weird

you go girl o/

Derphoof Día 1,910, 13:33

This article is too wonderful to be described with mere words.

jmoneytizzle Día 1,910, 13:33

That's good lol

That's Awesome

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Día 1,910, 13:38

I play eRep in the safety of my house, and hide it from my kids, lmao! Voted.

Waruda Día 1,910, 13:42


good stuff

n0s3 Día 1,910, 13:52

< 3 EnterAwesome!

Pfeiffer. Día 1,910, 14:01

still the same song, kiddo?

potato134 Día 1,910, 14:01

nice 🙂

MazzyCat Día 1,910, 14:12

Meow! < 3

Deepchill Día 1,910, 16:28

Lol funny.

Wish I could vote it up twice, once for the article and once for Taylor Swift.

SinaAria Día 1,911, 09:02

eh. i hate taylor swift, that`s why i won`t bother with capital letters. but i sure love EnterAwesome.

emdoublegee Día 1,911, 10:18

Haha, you definitely are awesome....I still love reading your articles, good stuff EA!

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Día 1,912, 08:56

So true xD

Greene12 Día 1,913, 09:49

i chuckled, i cried, i chuckled some more, and then I voted

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