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[BA] - This is it - The Cabinet

Día 1,872, 18:24 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por BigAnt
[BA] - This is it - The Cabinet

Firstly - everyone who applied but not been successful you have not been deleted, you are on my Gdoc and will receive a mail in the next couple of days regarding a job/role for you this coming month if elected.

*Edit - Jimbobfrey Replaces Aces Man
Garth replaces CD as minister

CptChazbeard Removed after Account banned for multi

The Cabinet

CP - BigAnt

Vice Country President (Domestic) - Ayame Crocodile
Vice Country President (Foreign) - Richard Feist

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Thomas765
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Jimbojoy
Minister of Foreign Affairs -
Head of Ambassador programme - Sir Nick

Minister of Defence - Garth_L
Minister of Defence - FragUK
Deputy MoD - Dan/naD Wilshire & Count_Drakula

Minister of Home Affairs - Dr Hugh Jardon
Minister of Home Affairs - JoshuaWhelan
Minister of Home Affairs - GameChanger
Deputy/s MoHA - Physo Starmik

Minister of Health - Jimbobfrey
Deputy MoH - Meghan

Minister of Finance - Carlini8
Minister of Legislative Affairs - Sage Goku

The cabinet I feel introduces some very experienced ministers who can make the role their own this month. But equally I have bulked the cabinet with new talent. We need to actively encourage new players to step up and have a go and to be honest. When young new players are pushed, sometimes they over exceed our expectations. I'm really excited about the possible team I could have going into the next term, I hope you agree.

vCP's Two guys I want to gain more experience, they have bright futures in the UK and the experience they gain this month should again help them individually grow stronger.

MoHA - Josh was dropped into the role this month and took on well with GameChanger assisting him. So they get a shot at it this month with new deputies to help support.

MoFA - Experience, simply we needed to increase foreign communication and total awareness, ie articles. We will again continue the impressive ambassador program this month with Sir Nick ready to do the admin and head the coordination for that.

MoD - Count Drakula returns and I think he is fired up for it. FragUK has been one of the stars this month for the MoD so he continues and I hope the further experience will put him in good stead for the future.

MoF&LA - Carlini knows what to do simply, just a case of waiting for Gold prices to increase to cash in! Sage Goku was another very impressive recruit last month. Took the MoLA role and made it his own, expect to see more impressive guidance this month congress.

Kind Regards,
Big Ant
Representing UKPP + NE + 1V + Workers + Dharma + Zulu


Norsk_gr Día 1,872, 18:29


William W. Wulfe
William W. Wulfe Día 1,872, 18:29


BigAnt Día 1,872, 18:31


GameChanger Día 1,872, 18:37


lancer450 Día 1,872, 18:58

Voted! Great cabinet imo. : )

CptChazbeard. Día 1,872, 19:01

Richard Feist vCP \o/

jamesw Día 1,872, 19:41

MoD could've had two new faces this month. MoFA is woeful: why is it only old players? You should have got the ministry to do what MoD did: explain and make the role easier to understand to those who volunteer, who could then take over the following month.

BoatsandHoes Día 1,872, 20:00


GameChanger Día 1,872, 21:09

Expect around 2 articles from me a week, plus whatever Josh writes!

The MoHA is back in business!

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Día 1,872, 21:17

Can I add that it was a great olive branch by Thomas to stand, your articles (along with Kravenn's) have always been enthralling reads so it is great to see you in that position.

Some very respectable names in there BA

myheadstone Día 1,873, 23:29

You can't argue with this cabinet (although some will). It was a great December with BA in charge Lets hope the CP Election goes BigAnt's way, and look forward to another good month with him in charge.

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Día 1,873, 00:03

I'll argue with this cabinet.

Last term, Sir Nick Griffin was removed from his cabinet role because he kept using his government position in order to push his party, and since a minister needs to put the nation before his party, that's why he was removed.

I find it astounding that Sir Nick Griffin has been given a second chance despite the fact he has shown no improvement or repentance for his actions which got him removed, and not only that, you're putting him in charge of the Ambassador program?

Sir Nick Griffin, a man who by his own admission "knows nothing about foreign relations" (as he said in the congress discussion about why he didn't understand why Macedonians were so annoyed about being called the F word.

Sir Nick Griffin, a well renown racist, who in his own words thinks Nelson Mandela is a terrorist, and you're putting him in charge of ambassadors? Seriously? Are you mad or are you mental? He is pretty much the worst choice for that role out of anyone in the country. Replace him, now, before he causes massive damage to the country with his backwards, racist views.

myheadstone Día 1,873, 01:01

One job role that Blue and Evil disagrees with, is Sir Nick Griffin (player) really a racist in RL we will never know, The real Nick Griffin(BNP) is, that we know, but i have a feeling its not the same person. People deserve a 2nd chance and i'm sure that Sir Nick has researched what is needed to be in charge of the Head of Ambassador programme. If he does not do the job adequately then he will lose the chance to be put in a minister role in the near future. I think BigAnt knows what he is doing and we will just have to trust him and his decisions.

LongShotzZ Día 1,873, 02:03

Good cabinet choices. Good luck!

Rfeist Día 1,873, 02:39

Thanks for the chance BA and thanks CptChazbeard! o7

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Día 1,873, 03:07

nothing inspiring here. Good luck all the same.

Alphabethis Día 1,873, 03:42

Sir Nick Griffin should be OUT, not only because of his name. He's probably a child and that post is TOO BIG for him, even if it's a small post. I wonder how such a big party as UKPP, with intelligent guys, still bear that Sir Nick in any power at all. He's an assesment only for fun articles in the media and mockery in the comments. His big ideas included a weird take over on UKRP, weird because it was impossible and well... all the stuff around Sir Nick is that way: unpredictable and childish.

Carlini8 Día 1,873, 04:16

Should someone who was fired last term really be given a position where he actually directs other people this term?

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Día 1,873, 04:42

KueRVo will be reelected, though even that you'd approach him is interesting.

Prof. J Moriarty
Prof. J Moriarty Día 1,873, 04:48

Sir Nick got his second and third chances last term and kept with with what he was doing, which was illegal.

I suspect foul play at work.

Aces man
Aces man Día 1,873, 05:47


Darkmantle Día 1,873, 06:42

I agree with the others, Sir Nick was removed for abusing his position in government, and already had extra chances before that. I'm surprise to see him on the list, especially as Head of Ambassador Programme.

Teppishc Día 1,873, 07:47

Looks like a solid cabinet (except for Sir Nick?) Kudos to Thomas for helping to shore up MoFA

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Día 1,873, 08:23

Thanks for the supportive comments, guys. 🙂

Meghan Día 1,873, 08:25


Yo, Moriarty, I'm real happy for you and I'mma let you finish...BUT SIR NICK HAS THE BEST CABINET RECORD OF ALL TIME!

mick cain
mick cain Día 1,873, 08:50

lmao nick

WayneKerr Día 1,873, 11:07

one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter...

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Día 1,873, 14:03

I was really pleased with this cabinet, you have a good mix of young and old players, and the young ones are pretty capable people. But Sir Nick is just a baffling choice though. I hope you know what you're doing, maybe he'll turn a new leaf 🙂

Alphabethis Día 1,873, 14:42

elvis, a new leaf of a new book or a new leaf of the same book ?

David Norman
David Norman Día 1,873, 21:45

o7 + V

Frerk Día 1,874, 05:21

What is Sir Nick doing in the MoFA guiding new players?

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Día 1,874, 05:49

Having Nick Griffin manage relations with foreigners seems unusual.

Spygon Día 1,874, 08:51

Goku now controls our laws both ingame and now the rules of the forum got to give it to him he works fast.

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