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Draga Plato

43 Day 2,719, 00:46 Published in Romania Romania Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

E 1 Mai Plato si eu m-am decis sa iti scriu! (Din cauza ta pot sta si eu linistit!)

Punctul 1 - Medalia de Society Builder - ma chinui sa fac medalia asta de ani de zile cand joc o tot am acolo la misiuni si … read more »

Let's talk about TUP

19 Day 2,673, 04:28 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

More than a month ago I was accepted on the shores of eUK by the UK Border Agency. After I paid my £5 (gold) deposit and assured everyone I'm here to give my services to the queen I have been allowed … read more »

Kelstein's Guide to the eWorld (2633-2639)

41 Day 2,639, 22:35 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello eUK and erepublikans to the new edition of Kelstein’s Guide to the eWorld covering the events of the last week in the eWorld.

Before we start, I want to give all my regards to [url=http://www. … read more »

Kelstein's Guide to the eWorld (2625-2632)

51 Day 2,632, 14:06 Published in Argentina Argentina Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Welcome dear Argentinians and erepublikans to this week's "Kelstein’s guide to the eWorld" – special edition covering the Resources Wars.

This week I focused more on Resource Wars than on specific … read more »

Kelstein's Guide to the eWorld (2612-2624)

26 Day 2,624, 09:55 Published in Croatia Croatia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Unfortunately I was away few days from erep, then I had Internet problems so this edition is a little bit longer…and somehow very brief on the first 4/5 days.
Starting this week, Kelstein's Guide to … read more »