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Shhh...Can you hear the harp?

21 Day 1,064, 21:59 Published in Ireland Ireland

Here I am. Entering political life again. Did you miss me?

I would like to announce my desire to run in the upcoming Congressional elections. First, a little

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A Brief Guide for New Citizens

5 Day 751, 12:30 Published in Belgium Belgium

Welcome to eRepublik and to eBelgium. If you've found this then you are on your way to a richer eRepublik experience.

In order to gain more experience and

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A call to all Belgians

2 Day 749, 17:00 Published in Belgium Belgium

Belgium, I ask you, do you want to be a part of your nation's government? Do you want to have a voice in how your country is run? Do you want to decide what is best for Belgium? If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then I am

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Hello Belgium

8 Day 747, 18:45 Published in Belgium Belgium

Hello Belgium. I am just here from eIreland and I just wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself. My name is uaithne and I have been an erep citizen since October of 2008. I recently decided to set out for a new country and a new

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Thank you and goodbye

24 Day 747, 00:05 Published in Ireland Ireland

To everyone who supported me from the moment I threw my hat into the ring, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your support means more to me than you could ever know. Putting your faith and trust in me, willing to put me into a position

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