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CPM: Money-market (Day 687)

4 Day 687, 17:16 Published in Canada Canada

Day 687

For some reason, the image, underline and italic buttons are missing so no charts today.

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CPM: Money-market (Day 686)

1 Day 686, 22:01 Published in Canada Canada

Day 686

Another late night for Addy, the minor hockey draft is in the books and shinny season is in full swing!!!

I have been getting quite a few PM's on my work in this series, and the Product, Commodity and Labour Report as well as … read more »

CPM: Money-market (Day 685)

2 Day 685, 19:01 Published in Canada Canada

Day 685

Remember to vote for Cham. Cham for PM!!!

Well, this is a record for me, three articles in one night!!!

International Market

The pool of CA$ offers on the market … read more »

CPM: This Week in eCanadian Economy (Day 684)

5 Day 685, 18:36 Published in Canada Canada

Canadian Economy

The population of eCanada declined for a third straight week (4,637 v 4,775 v 4,976). What is disappointing is that the eUS is growing. I could accept a flat population but a declining one is discouraging. I put it to … read more »

CPM: Commodity, Product and Labour Report (Day 684)

1 Day 685, 18:28 Published in Canada Canada


Grain inventories are down (2,144 v 3,319) and price is up ($0.53 v $0.47). Quality is flat (1.79 v 1.74). With no battles to jumpstart wellness, food, and by association grain, is in demand.

Diamond inventories are … read more »