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New Vision, New Mission, New Director

15 Day 1,080, 15:05 Published in USA USA

Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States, it is my pleasure to inform you that the USA Welcoming Committee is going to return to actively helping players that are current US Citizens. Our goal here at the Welcoming Committee has always been to

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Well that didn't go as planned...

5 Day 993, 12:17 Published in USA USA

At first I was like
(picture of Einstein with light bulb above head)

but then I was like
(picture of light bulb shattering)

First, I'

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House Raffle!!!

3 Day 983, 18:51 Published in USA USA

Hey eUSA,

I, Chris Willson, was sitting in my Co-Director chair at the Job Hubs thinking about what to do with the houses

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Interior Update #1 - 7/27/10

8 Day 980, 20:41 Published in USA USA

(Note: This is a copy of the update found in this newspaper. This is being placed in both newspapers to increase the amount of subscribers to the USA Department of Interior’s

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Help America's Allies, Help America [Guns4Huns]

14 Day 956, 17:34 Published in USA USA

Good evening America,

Yep, we've got free 5 Q1 Weapons to whoever follows the DoD Orders (Subscribe to the newspaper if you haven't already)

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