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[Inwegen4POTUS] Additional Domestic and Communication Policies

21 Day 1,140, 15:40 Published in USA USA


Today, I write to you to address a few domestic subjects: the economy and national security.

I believe the issues below are important and are true to my core: We must do all that we can to leave the country in the best … read more »

[Inwegen4POTUS] Executives Touching New Players *UPDATED*

24 Day 1,137, 11:45 Published in USA USA

UPDATE at bottom
Hello America,

It’s good to see you again. The past few days have been quite hectic for me. The international foreign policy status quo has been broken on multiple fronts. Our congress has passed the PANAM read more »

[Inwegen4President] Experience the Experience

27 Day 1,135, 14:23 Published in USA USA

Hello America

In my last article I announced my candidacy for President along with some of the people I plan on bringing along to weather the storm if … read more »

Looking Towards The Future

40 Day 1,133, 19:47 Published in USA USA

Citizens of America,

I come to you today as we enter a new era in the New World. The Mexican conquistadors have been conquered, an historical new regional based alliance, PanAm, is in its infancy, and our nation, through some fun, some … read more »

[CoS]Executive Branch Update - Sign up to block!

34 Day 1,128, 20:04 Published in USA USA

UPDATE:Sign up to block in congressional elections. A politically secure USA is a safe USA. more »