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[R.A.N.] we need you!

7 Day 2,079, 00:26 Published in Australia Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

G'day Aussie,

Royal Australian navy is accepting applications for anyone who wishes to become a sailor!
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PP manifesto

8 Day 2,062, 23:03 Published in Australia Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Greetings Aussie and readers, I am writing to announce my PP manifiesto for the socialist revolution party.

*High recruitment program
*Get involved with aus community to make

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New Military Unit

22 Day 2,051, 22:40 Published in Australia Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Greeting Australia and friends, its my honor to present today to you a new Military unit. The ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY (R.A.N.)

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"weekly news" # 2

0 Day 2,012, 00:37 Published in Australia Australia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

hello dear readers its now time for another article of “weekly news” issue # 2 not much has happen around the world lately its pretty calm at the moment. well lets begin.


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"weekly news" #1

10 Day 2,003, 02:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

hello and welcome to a new article of “weekly news” . articles will be out every week letting you know of what is going on around the world. lets get started then..

as you may know Canada has been under foreign occupation

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