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The article that will NOT buy its subs through stuff4subs. I want 1000 clean subscribers, not paid off ones. Follow me on my journey to see if I can get 1000 people to simply like my writing.

Enough is enough

16 Day 1,328, 19:46 Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Time to dust off the pen.

Eh-hem. Please allow me to reintroduce myself.
Many of you know writing frustrates me, and getting six votes in what I … read more »

What you Do Not Know About Your Government! Must Read!

9 Day 1,247, 09:53 Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

There are a lot of mysteries in this game. One of them for most new players is who this man running your country is. His name is Emerick. Yeah, he seems like a troll to some, others claim they see the nice side of him. Emerick was a Hero is

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Contest for Funniest Admin Change

2 Day 1,241, 19:49 Published in USA USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The admins often change parts of this game, and most come as a surprise. Here is a sure-fire guide to finding out what the next part to be updated will be.

1.)If the issue seems relevant, or needs to be fixed, throw it out the window right

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Farewell Address- Sad goodbye, ready for the new-old school

5 Day 1,239, 18:29 Published in USA USA

At this point in the primary, it is clear I will not be having a Second Term as UIP Party President. I am happy to say that I gladly hand the keys to the UIP over to Kazeal, the greatest UIPer of all time

If you do not have faith that

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Congress VS Military: The Unbiased Situation

9 Day 1,233, 17:44 Published in USA USA

America, I ask you this. How many of you feel affected by this situation. Now, when you look, how many of us are actually affected by this situation? It is truly not something that everything should be in a tizzy about. And … read more »