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Unite! (If only this one time)

49 Day 2,009, 16:28 Published in Ireland Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

I used to write tl;dr articles, but I'll keep this one short and sweet...

In the several months I've spent here in eIreland, I've watched as all the scandals, treasury heists and petty bickering over ideals that really don't have a place in this

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I Need a New Avatar

19 Day 1,072, 10:31 Published in USA USA

On Day 493, I was born into a world of bugs, beta queens and failed attacks on FER. One of the ways to gain a little more XP was to post a picture, so I opened up my google search and looked for "man with US flag". The avatar you now see is what I

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T is for Tyler and Tyler is for Texas!

18 Day 1,066, 21:47 Published in USA USA

Hoorah! Another “I’m running for Congress”, “vote for me” article!!!

Seriously though, vote for me. This month, I’m running in Texas!

I’ve never been one

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People You May or May Not Know: Speedcat McNasty

21 Day 1,051, 21:52 Published in USA USA

EPISODE TWO: Speedcat McNasty

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People You May or May Not Know: The Spartan

18 Day 1,042, 18:22 Published in USA USA


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