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Come to the Tech Side! We have ROBOTS.

18 Day 945, 07:03 Published in USA USA

Why, hello there everyone!

Say, your party got you down? Don't know of a party to join? Want to try something new? Like Robots? Then come on down to the read more »

Hope, Change, and all that crap

9 Day 938, 09:43 Published in USA USA

Hey everyone! Thanks for electing me party president! Not that there was much of a choice 😛

As president, one thing I hope to do is increase our membership. To do this, … read more »

Party President? Again?

13 Day 926, 20:00 Published in USA USA

Hey guys! So for those that haven't heard, our PP, Shinybluepope, has resigned his post due to RL issues. I wish him the best of luck with his crazy lawyer things that I couldn't possibly understand 😛

This leaves a power vacuum in the tech

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Oh man I guess I'm running for congress

5 Day 854, 21:30 Published in USA USA

I told myself that I couldn't do this, and that I wouldn't do this, but I guess I am

RUNNING FOR CONGRESS (in wisconsin 😕)

That's right, I get a chance to HELP GOVERN THE NATION (those of you who aren't running might want to get

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The big man...HASS my freetime

3 Day 835, 19:15 Published in USA USA

Hey guys, I'm writing this to, well, pretty much everyone as to where I've been over the past...month or so.

Due to RL issues, such as homework, papers, breakups, etc., I haven't been able to play much at all. I've been trying to get back into

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