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The Re-return

9 Day 3,171, 18:50 Published in USA USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

My eLife started on a mild wintery day in mid February 2009. I entered the game early on, not too long after Beta … read more »


10 Day 999, 22:59 Published in USA USA

Yes, the 1000 day of eRepublik is nearly about us. This is not a good thing though!

Are you and your riches safe? NO! D1K is a terrible virus that will strike your computer on day 1000, as your computer can not produce a 4 digit number on the day

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2 million eRepublik users!

8 Day 934, 13:40 Published in USA USA

Well, I have been doing a history project of eRepublik. Been using, google, wiki, youtube, ext. to make a powerpoint on eRepublik's history.

Doing so, I stumbled upon this today:

It is a

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4 Day 887, 17:09 Published in USA USA

This is Cloyd Wallis of Wallis Media and candidate for the Missouri Congressional Elections.


My opponent, Rhein, is working with me. He and I both agree we need all possible votes directed to North Carolina. Dennis

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Dishonorably Discharged! (PHOENIX RULZ!!!!)

34 Day 755, 13:16 Published in USA USA

Alright... so, A few days ago, I got an "ECHO", for those of you who aren't in the Army an ECHO is a PM that you must reply to, usually pertaining to order, anyway, this ECHO was from the High Command of the Army, NXNW, regarding my

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