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Welcome to the Reikenburg Report! The Reikenburg Report is a small paper founded and edited by Stephen Reikenburg. We are looking to hire people in order to expand and are currently trying to find a political correspondent in time for the Congressional Elections.

News from Greece

1 Day 1,888, 13:02 Published in Belgium Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I'm still recovering from my last campaign here in Macedonia. I broke my ankle, and will unfortunately will be out of action for a few days. Anyway, I've received news that a Macedonian resistance force in Greece is taking a nasty hammering. This

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The Macedonian Conflict

6 Day 1,888, 10:15 Published in Belgium Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I'm here in Eastern Macedonia, fighting the Greeks. It's been a long haul but we appear to have made a slight advance, pushing the Greeks out. More great news, I've been promoted! I'm now Luitenant Reikenburg. That's all for now!


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We need a political analysist!

2 Day 1,887, 15:59 Published in Belgium Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The Reikenburg Reporter needs a political correspondant to cover elections and debates and whatnot. No previous experience needed. Just a passion for politics. Apply in the comments and tell me why you should get the job.

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Stephen Reikenburg: Army Journalist

9 Day 1,887, 14:52 Published in Belgium Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Some of you may wonder who I am. My name is Sergeant Reikenburg. I work in the the armed forces and write my articles from the battlefield. This paper is not not going to be biased in the firm of politics, because although I am running for Congress,

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