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Rights Infringement

8 Day 1,225, 19:26 Published in USA USA

I know my rights. I thought this was America. This oppressive government is infringing on the rights of hard working ordinary Americans. It must be stopped. They are trying to stop anyone who disagrees with them. America is about freedom. Our voices

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Foreigners Taking Over Our Country

70 Day 1,224, 14:47 Published in USA USA

As a patriotic American, I have become troubled by what is going on in this country. cCc iNCi cCc appears to control everything yet they have many members who are foreigners. Why are we letting foreigners control our country. If they want to run

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American Freedom Fighters

4 Day 1,224, 10:16 Published in USA USA

It's time to take this country back. Join a real party who stands for real issues. The American Freedom Fighers are a group of patriots who vow to restore the greatness to this country. If you've got pride in this great nation, and you're proud you

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National Anthem

10 Day 1,223, 20:40 Published in USA USA

I was recently informed that the national anthem of eUSA was a Ludacris song. What the hell is wrong with you people. I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA. WAS THE STAR SPANGELED BANNER NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?

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I Thought This Was America

14 Day 1,223, 19:35 Published in USA USA

We need to take this country back. The terrorists who you people call the government have been running this place into the ground ever since I left. We need proven leadership like Evan Bayh used to provide. He knew how it was. These people in charge

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