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My resignation

3 Day 553, 13:19 Published in Canada Canada

Dear congressmen,

I already need to resign from my post. I have been appointed Lieutenant of the newly created french platoon, and need to leave the congress because of my new duties.

Let me first state that it wasn't my intention of being

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Dutchy au Québec / Dutchy for Quebec

4 Day 518, 08:36 Published in Canada Canada

[An english version follows]

Avec le récent scandal impliquant le budget gouvernemental, j'ai décidé de me présenter pour un poste au Congrès du Québec. Je considère qu'il est maintenant temps pour moi d'aider mon pays à se remettre sur … read more »

[CP Entry] “A Conquered eNation - Describe Your Ideal Resistance”

2 Day 497, 09:21 Published in Canada Canada

Disclaimer - This is a fictitious scenario made up by the author. This is in no way a knock on any eNation or eCitizen, but merely a literary trick in order to liven up this article.

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Pourquoi joindre le CPP

2 Day 493, 08:51 Published in Canada Canada

Je suis dans la vraie vie un Québécois et j'habite Montréal. Dans eRep, je viens de rejoindre le Canadian Paradox Party. La raison pour laquelle j'ai choisi ce parti est les membres qu'il contient et l'histoire du parti. Il s'agit d'un parti qui a

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CP Entry - "eRep Warfare Has Walls Instead of Fights"

6 Day 491, 07:04 Published in Canada Canada

With the topic that I was assigned, criticizing eRep would have been easy. I mean the current battle system has you defending your country by building walls using guns. We’ll ignore the absurdity of this whole architectural endeavor to remind our

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