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The most respected newspaper in the history of eCanada. Originally called the Ottawa Guardian. Host to hundreds of articles, awards competitions and platforms. Truly one of the prized cultural pieces of eCanadian fabric, like maple syrup and the CN Tower.

[Banach/TFD]~~Ready to Start~~

19 Day 1,185, 14:55 Published in Canada Canada

To Begin.

I would firstly like to thank Wilhelm Gunter of the CPF for his trust in me and supporting me for a run at Party Leader of CPF. I am … read more »

[Banach]~~An Obvious Solution to an Obvious Problem~~

11 Day 1,176, 07:42 Published in Canada Canada

The Problem?

We seem to be getting a lack of active MPs is the parliament as of late and many have already raised the issue of minimal attendance not … read more »

[Banach]~~Party Leadership Platform~~

20 Day 1,173, 17:37 Published in Canada Canada

Return to Greatness of the CPF
Banach’s Proposal for Party Leadership on February 15th

Our forum:

Visit it.

Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare The truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold,

read more »

[Banach]~~The Future of Canadian Politics~~

44 Day 1,167, 19:16 Published in Canada Canada

<strong>I'll make this announcement short and sweet.</strong> (It was longer but eRepublik timed out and lost all my work.)

I've been prompted to run for leadership of the ailing Canadian Progressive Front.

I bring experience, dedication and

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[Banach]~~Man, Don't Break It If It Ain't Fixed~~

24 Day 1,161, 14:19 Published in Canada Canada

Welcome to Paradise?
Within a day of my return to this once bustling and fruitful place I noticed several things that concerned me. For starters, … read more »