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New Mission Rewards / משימות חדשות

3 Day 2,394, 16:07 Published in Israel Israel Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

שלום חברים

Put down the doob and do the missions, you lazy hippies.

As I'm sure many of you … read more »

National Disgrace

32 Day 2,392, 11:44 Published in Israel Israel Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

To Friends Old and New:
שלום, greetings, hello.

I'll save my … read more »

Where To?

9 Day 1,302, 12:53 Published in Israel Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Where to now? We have lost Israel, our holy land to the Cypriots. We must find a new home for now. I have chosen to move to China, one of our allies in the past. I recommend others come join me here. Where else have our people moved to?


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Major Events in Asia Minor!

74 Day 1,163, 18:49 Published in Israel Israel


When I wrote my last global news article, Nothing New Under the eRepublik Sun, there was no way I could predict the latest … read more »

Nothing New Under the eRepublik Sun

82 Day 1,161, 11:27 Published in Israel Israel

Yes, that's right, there's nothing new under the sun. Just war, war, and war. The only thing thats changed is whose fighting who, and where. As we see the eRepublik power structure crumble and reform itself, new nations are going to … read more »