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11 Day 955, 09:44 Published in Ireland Ireland

Yes, wtf is this shit !


Admins cannot administrate.

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My long awaited return.

4 Day 949, 09:02 Published in Ireland Ireland

People of Ireland,

I have returned from my long trip to South Korea to my homeland of Ireland. I know i was missed dearly but not to fear, i am here to stay for good.


accept this

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If you vote for me il give u 5 gold

14 Day 917, 05:03 Published in Ireland Ireland

I am in the southeast

Running in the IFP

When u vote for me Irish_Rebel_Reborn, send me a pm and il give u 5 gold .

Il be tracking my votes so il know.

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Padraig_Pearse : My Memoirs

20 Day 909, 03:38 Published in Ireland Ireland

Padraig_Pearse my memoirs

Early life

My erepublik life started with a invite from garrettda now know as Glorious Connolly, I knew him from a forum and he invited me, so for all the people that have been my victim blame should be put on

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