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C/A donation limit to increase? The winners and losers.

31 Day 1,584, 11:21 Published in Sweden Sweden Financial business Financial business

It looks like the donation limit will be increasing.

It doesn’t actually say whether it will be increased or reduced, so we’ll have to wait to be sure.

So, assuming it is increased, who

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Why food is still the best weapon

17 Day 1,505, 05:36 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I wrote an article about this very subject 418 days ago and although a lot has changed since then, the principle remains the same. Food fights are by far the

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West Mids Congress

1 Day 1,341, 10:24 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Yep, I'm running for congress again in West Midlands (my RL home region).

Why am I doing this?

Because I feel that we need more congressmen who are prepared to make decisions and make good contributions to discussions. I'm not afraid of

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So you wanna be a mercenary eh?

21 Day 1,339, 12:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

For once, admin has given us the opportunity to gain an extra achievement that isn’t easy and doesn’t cost GOLD.

In order to obtain the achievement, you have to defeat 25 enemies for 50 different countries. I see a lot of people asking

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TUP Giveaway

28 Day 1,311, 11:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

The Unity Party have been running social schemes and companies for years. It's quite common nowadays for parties to give some of their excess produce away, due to the work as manager rule coming in but that wasn't always the case. Anyway, the … read more »