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INDIA UNITED: Let I & U Unite India

34 Day 1,199, 11:38 Published in India India

India United... Not merely a party, but a cult, followed by scores of eIndians since the past few years... or better said, ever since eIndia learned to stand on its feet and … read more »

[Congress Manifesto] Bak 2 wat m BEST at

4 Day 1,159, 11:28 Published in India India

Its been quite smtm m bak... i hav been doin ds n dat... peekng in2 IRC n forums... launched a successful chain of industries, d '0' grp is up n running... bt smthng has been missing... n dats my active participatn in ePolitics... lets nt drag

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Returning from the Grave

18 Day 1,142, 11:04 Published in India India

Its the season of comebacks for eIndia... so I thot its high time to announce my own!

I have been out of d game for many months... n eIndian wiki has put my name in d graveyard... but the grave can hardly affect an immortal patriot's soul. 🙂

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9 Day 865, 12:18 Published in India India

Amidst worries of David Forde quiting eIndia... I find it difficult to announce that i m finally makng a cum back to eIndia after months, may b almst a yr... eIndia n eWorld has undrgone many significant changes... it wl take me sumtime 2 adapt 2 d

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Going BIG: India Rising

2 Day 543, 00:01 Published in India India

The Primary Goal that I had set in for my term was to increase India in numbers...
Now the time's ripe that we begin to spread the word abt erepublik...
Here are the list of Community sites Popular in India...

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