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So you want our help?

8 Day 886, 14:41 Published in Poland Poland

You said we were like Singapore, I don't see you asking them for help? Next time elect someone capable of diplomatic courtesy, such as informing a powerful ally, where you are going to attack.

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Yes Virgina, There is a China.

2 Day 761, 11:56 Published in USA USA

In Response to Virgina, who asked if there was a China.

Phoenix is wrong. They have been affected by the propaganda of a propagandist age. They do not believe what they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their

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The Pinko Traitor

5 Day 748, 09:40 Published in USA USA

Arjay Phoenician is advocating Treason and has written extensive articles condemning Jewitt and the US on grounds of morality and stupidity. Fortunately his articles are too long for anyone to read. However this also means people won't see their

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Hope You Like Kosher Food

5 Day 747, 12:54 Published in Japan Japan

The US invasion is beginning. Now, I hear people whining saying that Japan doesn't deserve this. Saying Japan is not responsible for what it was forced to do. This duress defense is weak at best, and no true Japanese would except it. Your actions

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Name for former PEACE members

3 Day 743, 16:21 Published in USA USA

Since PEACE GC has fell apart, but factions have remained together, these split of faction of former members of the Community need a name. I propose Former Allies and Imperialist Losers.

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