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Canada: In Jacobi We Trust, One More Time [WGC]

23 Day 778, 20:04 Published in Canada Canada

Proving himself as accessible after his 6th Presidential win as when he was campaigning for the office for the first time, the Freeholder Press presents to you this exclusive interview with Jacobi the day after his triumph.


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Top 10 Most Influential Canadians, Holiday Edition!

28 Day 763, 05:20 Published in Canada Canada

It is the time of the year for giving and in the spirit of the season the Freeholder Press has decided to dish out some praise and accolades.

Welcome to the Holiday Edition of the Top 10 Most Influential Canadians!

Like previous editions, this

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New World Survey Results [NWS]: Canada Counted First

8 Day 762, 04:54 Published in Canada Canada

A week ago the Freeholder Press published a series of international articles with links to a survey. Even though it attempted to poll the citizens of the Top 20 most populous nations of the New World, the response was somewhat underwhelming. The

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New World Survey: My Country is Better than Yours!

7 Day 755, 12:07 Published in Canada Canada

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Welcome national and international readers to the Freeholder Press' first New World Survey. The survey will be published in the 20 most populous countries in an attempt to have the … read more »

Want to be a media mogul? [WGC]

16 Day 730, 04:48 Published in Canada Canada

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**Your subscriptions are much appreciated. Encourage hard working journalists you want to read with your votes.**

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