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"It is to the Radicals that The Economist still likes to think of itself as belonging. The extreme centre is the paper's historical position."

The Economist is a political newspaper, with a dash of finance, a splash of philosophy and a big dollop of good old fashioned editorial diatribe.

The Economist ~ Notes on houses & Sirius

36 Day 2,433, 06:46 Published in Poland Poland Financial business Financial business

Dear friends,

First of all houses. I was sitting at work when I got a little buzz on my phone, and lo and behold the admins were emailing me to say they were introducing … read more »

The Economist ~ Nihilism in eRepublik

51 Day 2,427, 04:44 Published in Poland Poland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear friends,

Take a look at the erepublik map- it’s something that I don’t do very often, and I guess most of you are the same. Unless you’re actively involved in … read more »

The Economist ~ Unity

92 Day 2,403, 12:40 Published in Poland Poland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Dear friends,

Five and a half years ago when I joined this game, I did it because the political sim side of things interested me. When I was born in Yorkshire, UK, the … read more »

The Economist ~ On the expulsion of USA from Sirius

229 Day 2,383, 10:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear friends,

I owe an explanation for the recent events in eRep, and I will get to the exact circumstances of the event which led to the USA being … read more »

The Economist ~ On the ill advised tax hike

50 Day 2,376, 10:53 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

Dear friends.

Why oh why did you listen to jamesw. I’m going to start about talking about the specific situation in the eUK, but if you want my more general … read more »