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eIndia - getting conquered- foe (Croatians)

14 Day 1,754, 05:26 Published in India India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

eIndia is recently being attacked and successfully conquered by Croatia. Their president is strong. Inspite of the croatians being our enemy, I am obliged to say that they are more powerful and organised than us. well it sounds bitter, but it is the

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Hey guys..... U rock

13 Day 1,744, 05:26 Published in India India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I will not play the game till 12th of Sep coz my exams. Dont unsubscribe my newspaper and await for loads of fun is coming inn the game after i return....I expect that India will win its battle in orissa, but i am hopeless a little. Bye for now.

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Will India prosper?

13 Day 1,742, 05:08 Published in India India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

After getting the war view in Chhattisgarh I am very happy that India is winning. But India is stuck at 83% because of some indian players who are playing for thailand like citizenneel, lordlebu etc. who are on the field playing for Thailand. well

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6 Day 1,741, 01:38 Published in India India First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

eIndia- a developing country and has got many devoted army.But there are some rotten apples which creates problems in the basket.well, ofcourse we are trying to mend them but are unsuccesful...

I highly appreciate Gouthamkrishna's newspaper

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