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The Coleman Global is an Irish newspaper publishing articles on a variety of subjects.

Ian E Coleman: Running for Congress in Cork and Kerry

10 Day 1,250, 18:22 Published in Ireland Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Est. 2010

Thirteenth Edition: Saturday , April 23, 2011

My name is Ian E Coleman, and I'd like to announce that I will be running for congress for the first time ever. I'm pleased to announce that I will be running with the Irish

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Eire Aonair: Information and Important Message

6 Day 1,230, 09:49 Published in Ireland Ireland

Est. 2010

Twelfth Edition: Sunday , April 3, 2011

To make it easier to decide what is and what isn't relevant to you, this article will be separated into two parts. The first: Some information and updates regarding Eire Aonair.

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Wiki: Get Your Own Page

10 Day 1,223, 16:20 Published in Ireland Ireland

Est. 2010

Eleventh Edition: Sunday , March 27, 2011

Recently Irasian posted a great article called "Goals for April". One of the first things he talked about was all of the great Irish citizens who should have wikipedia pages but don't. I

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Eire Aonair: The St.Patrick's Day Party

10 Day 1,213, 08:16 Published in Ireland Ireland

Est. 2010

Tenth Edition: Wednesday , March 17, 2011

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was playing with the idea of creating a new party. As time has gone by, I've waited for the right time, and to be honest I'm not sure that it has ever

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The Cross Roads: Ireland Being Tested?

10 Day 1,209, 17:24 Published in Ireland Ireland

Est. 2010

Ninth Edition: Sunday, March 13, 2011

I thought I'd take this time to express a few thoughts about some very important events happening in Ireland. It may appear, that the following topics are trivial. Even still, I suggest to

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