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The Buzz bringing news around, Politics, Military, Marketplace, etc.

The Buzz Stop! (Same as the Marketplace Buzz Stops)

1 Day 1,499, 15:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

I have opened up four different work stores!
The North, West, East, and South Buzz Stop.
I only opened up two offers for each store, 170.00 GBP is the salary.
If there weren't such high payed jobs out, I would of lowered it, but I need the

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The Question Game! Week One.

5 Day 1,260, 13:45 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Because I feel to donate out money, I thought about a question game!!!

Pretty much I post out a question every once a week.
One day to answer the question, the next day of the results.
Then the next question comes next week.
As questions get

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Vote For Connor Sarll :D

2 Day 1,249, 16:11 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Vote for Connor Sarll for congress,in south west of england!
Why should you vote for me? Because I have many animal supporters!


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Suport our Troops!

2 Day 1,235, 09:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

So pretty much, the war is going bad for our Terra Allies.

Brazil having trouble with Spain on the Front lines, as well as the U.S. having a heated contest

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International News

1 Day 1,223, 16:29 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

The International news, bringing you news from around the eWorld.

In France they bring news of war reports on day 1222 and day 1223.

Day 1222:
- Kerman Province was conquered by Iran in the war against Bulgaria (8-2).
- Poland Pomerania

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