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[OB] Olympians in Tournament - New World Cup

20 Day 2,416, 05:06 Published in Belgium Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Olympians responded to the calls of the Belgian Government and joined the Belgian National Army for the last tournament: now, they are glad to show … read more »

[tBRE] Political points - A simple proposal for the political module

26 Day 2,318, 10:43 Published in Poland Poland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

__________[img][/img] … read more »

[tBRE] Quick analysis on the new taxation system

60 Day 2,187, 06:04 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Financial business Financial business

__________[img][/img] … read more »

[TC] Once upon a time, a hunter

21 Day 2,181, 13:43 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Once upon a time, a hunter journeyed the few kilometres from Bürglen to Altdorf, Uri’s main town.

As he walked through the town square, he ignored the hat of the bailiff, which was … read more »

[tBRE] Alliances of the eWorld - Day 2173

41 Day 2,174, 10:30 Published in Switzerland Switzerland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

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