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26-04-10 Set Your Alarm To Fail O' Clock.

14 Day 888, 12:04 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

As I arose this morning with the all too rare blinding rays of the summer sun bursting through the gaps in my curtains - I suddenly remembered. Today is the day. Today is the big day! There was no doubt in my mind that today was going to be a day of

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A Huge Thank You To Ireland.

13 Day 827, 05:49 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the use of your Q5 hospital. Quite ironic that I'm fighting against you but you're giving me free healthcare don't you think? 😃

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A Battle of Epic Proportions: Kumnaa vs Jerry

4 Day 562, 18:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

The time is upon us, where we must once again decide the fate of the United Kingdom for the next month.

The situation is this, TUP don't have a candidate, I know, it was a surprise to me too. PCP and UKRP refuse to join forces and both have made

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The UK Erepublik Handbook - Chapter 1

17 Day 559, 02:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

I have decided to commission the creation of a handbook for all the new users of erepublik so that we may all benefit

from a more involved and more aware public.

Chapter 1 - In the beginning...

Right, so you've just made an account.

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Squiddy For London - Change You Can Believe In.

5 Day 550, 17:43 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Dear citizens of London,

I have decided to abandon my military career and return to UK politics.

I believe that the current state of affairs in the United Kingdom is dire at best and needs to be shaken up. The United Kingdom was once a

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