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Ill take a kick to the nuts for every Subscription!!!

13 Day 1,814, 21:03 Published in USA USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

So I've been thinking about it.
I've been
-steped on
-shot by a blank
- poll ran into
My nuts
So for away to get me some subscriptions I was thinking
Every sub that you give me ill take one to the nadulars. I might wear

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Very personal

3 Day 1,814, 07:15 Published in USA USA Financial business Financial business

Hey everyone!

So all late night me and my younger brother Thaddeus were ready to take on late night election rioters with our copy of Halo 4, yeah we don't care.

But I have just been excepted to DELTA!!! I was happy, my mom wasn't haha but

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This is important!! (Sgt.f)

1 Day 1,813, 12:39 Published in USA USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

So today is election day!
The day of so many decisions.
Especially for the undecided voters! There will be an Undecided convention either Saturday or Sunday, location has not yet been made, but they think it will be in a gym. I was actually

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Free compliments Number TWO!!!!!!!

5 Day 1,812, 17:22 Published in USA USA Financial business Financial business

Most of you know in the past I did something where if you voted or subscribed I gave you a free compliment and pick up line! Well this time I don't need your sub( thought id like it if you did) Just vote and state your vote number and there you go!

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Romney or Obama

11 Day 1,812, 16:18 Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

So tomorrow is basically D-Day the presidential elections!

Here are a few things that can change the tide!

- I saw a prius with s Romney sticker

- The Redskins just lost their recent home game (superstition states when the Redskins loose

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