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The Un-official NGO of EIndia formed to dispatch food and weapons. Please be free to ask or donate items. Any posible donation would be accepted.!!!

New players go through this...!!!

13 Day 2,373, 11:11 Published in India India First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

You find no one to help??
Want to study in a in-game University??
Want to help eindia achieve independence??
Want to become the best player for eindia??

This is the article you must read!! Your ticket has been
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Going inactive for a while!!!

10 Day 2,360, 08:56 Published in India India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment


I am so sorry to tel you guys that I won't be available for some unexplainable reasons(not explicit but there is no time to type 🙁 )

I am appointed as the Minister of Education which is one of the important wing of retention,

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WTF is this!!!

10 Day 2,358, 09:54 Published in India India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

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Official Orders of eIndian Govt. for day 2,358

2 Day 2,358, 06:16 Published in India India Battle orders Battle orders

Hello eIndians,

Emergency orders in the absence of our MoD,

Fight for Indonesia in Northern Territory

Fight for Indian battles only to gain TP, save your EBs and weps and

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"Panthers" of Regiment 3 and IAF report to the battle!!!

14 Day 2,358, 00:34 Published in India India Battle orders Battle orders

Hey there lads and lasses,

Captain here!!!!

The time has come for us to defend our lands from the evil THAI invasion form the south.

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