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An interview with John Jay

11 Day 499, 17:49 Published in USA USA

Below are a few questions I recently posed to John Jay. I thank him for taking the time to answer me (As I am sure he is busy running his campaign) and wish to endorse him and wish his election Well.

1. How do you feel about the current level of

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My Final Push for Montana

0 Day 489, 19:28 Published in USA USA

Dear Citizens of Montana,

I would like to extend to you my final ideas and thoughts before you go to the poll's to vote for the next congressperson from Montana.

Currently, Our congress Woman is doing a good job. If I were not running, I would

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Uncle Scam (Or Sam)

1 Day 486, 22:42 Published in USA USA

Why do we continue to allow this person to lord over the eUSA? Why do we allow him to write blank checks to whom ever he wants and then try to weasle his way out of it by lying (Which he then gets called on by not only his former VP but the Marines)

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A Working Wage

4 Day 486, 22:01 Published in USA USA

I was having a look around the job market here and I realizes that for new players, Wellness is a problem. The minimum wage is currently 1 dollar per day. For a noob, this wouldnt even buy food. At the current price, a person would need to work 2

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new eNations and changes that need to be made

2 Day 484, 12:00 Published in USA USA

So i just read the announcement that 3 new countries will be added. Thats 3 new governments to be taken over and looted and then left for dead. We've all seen it happen before, Even as a new player, Ive seen it happen.

So what needs to be done

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