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***Serbia is calling for help! PHOENIX needs you!***

26 Day 917, 05:41 Published in Indonesia Indonesia

Hello Indonesia!

As you know, today the capital of eSerbia, the capital of PHOENIX, the most important region of eWorld for Alliance is attacked by EDEN forces.Today, we will all write eHistory in the most important battle - [url=
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***No one can stop us! Serbia ♥ Hungary***

31 Day 904, 07:37 Published in Hungary Hungary

Despite problems with EDEN -> Croatia and Romania,
despite the fact that they were terrorizing your homeland for days
and even that you have lost the majority of
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***(ИНТЕРВЈУ) Српски МСП : Србија чека своју шансу!***

11 Day 886, 12:59 Published in Serbia Serbia

је актуелни министар Спољних Послова еСрбије.Старији играчи га се, поред и oних млађих сећају, јер игра ереп веома дуго.На чело МСП-а је
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***Hungary, I'm back!***BY: eSERBIAN AMBASSADOR

10 Day 845, 10:25 Published in Hungary Hungary


I'm glad I'm back to eHungary.I spent 2 months here as an ambassador of eSerbia, and more than 4 months as an
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***(ПРОЈЕКАТ) Можемо ли променити нешто? ***

22 Day 835, 13:43 Published in Serbia Serbia

(to my international readers: this article is about "freedom of expressing opinions among the players in erepublik)

<strong class="lana_tip"> Поздрав.Сигурно сте прочитали м

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