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2 Day 1,252, 01:04 Published in USA USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

About a game, this game end to be eRepublik.
We each had a different way finding this game, and the eUS Intern Program wants to know how. This will mostly help us to build a baby boom plan that will help our country amazingly.
Please answer [url=

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Ow Dio ;____;

13 Day 1,245, 02:54 Published in USA USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Sleep tight with your an[url= … read more »

[Only Now] My mistake.

4 Day 1,226, 22:59 Published in Japan Japan

Dear brothers of the Japanese country,
I would like to ask for your forgivenes, I have [url= more »

We are here, Nippon.

20 Day 1,176, 05:53 Published in Japan Japan

Kon'nichiwa Japan, some of you may have noticed a couple of eMalaysians moving to the country lately and asking for citizenship.
So today,
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[Only Now] Vote For Collinar, Vote for a Brighter Malaysia!

27 Day 1,167, 12:30 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Citizens of eMalaysia,
Lets us change together the path eMalaysia is walking.
Lets walk to a brighter Malaysia.
eMalaysia is currently towards nowhere, socialy, … read more »