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Free Japan

15 Day 1,818, 10:15 Published in Malaysia Malaysia Battle orders Battle orders

I'm writing this article about our not to distant neighbours Japan.

They are currently fighting a hard battle to try and RW Kanto from Taiwan:

(I'm told Kanto looks something like

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Sorry for the inconvenience: Jobs and free weapons

8 Day 1,813, 13:40 Published in Malaysia Malaysia Financial business Financial business

Hello everyone, I'm writing this article to explain why if you were working for me you were suddenly fired earlier.

I changed citizenship to Slovakian earlier in order to finish the NE mission, I then retook eMalaysian citizenship and was back

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MPP statistics: Day 1810

16 Day 1,810, 11:04 Published in Malaysia Malaysia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I have gone through the game and made a record of the number of MPPs of each country, the results are as follows:


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Malaysia: A global competitor?

11 Day 1,807, 18:28 Published in Malaysia Malaysia Financial business Financial business

Dear Malaysia.

You might remember from such recent spam as:
How I feel


On jobs

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Not Analysis:

9 Day 1,807, 16:18 Published in Malaysia Malaysia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

This article is not going to provide an analysis. It’s not going to say what decisions are good, what decisions are bad. It’s not going to be long, and it won’t have any pictures. It’s just going to list some of the things that the president of the

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