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The BDP, my legacy.

27 Day 1,097, 16:01 Published in Japan Japan

Oh well ! A little trip down memory lane to taste sweet nostalgia ! Maybe it is time to look back at the legacy of the British Democratic … read more »

Dream of a sweet life in eJapan !

6 Day 1,050, 06:52 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Who would not want to live in eJapan ?

The eWorld needs repopulation ! Most of the V2 changes have been changed again, life is more flexible in small communties.

There are plenty of reasons for moving to eJapan...
Healthy food !
[img][/img] … read more »

The Real Democrats Win

13 Day 985, 11:57 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

After suffering a sabotaged and painful PP campaign, after having a handfull of members sabotage the party institutions, holding on to key tools, after having seen the Congress elections stolen by the same people, I can finally say I have had enough.

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[SDP] Sad sabotage.

17 Day 980, 15:33 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

The recent days have been hard on the party, those that claimed to put the Social Democrats first betrayed the party, by getting our Congress approval, and secondly by slandering it in public places.

When a non-elected party president claims the

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[SDP]A Brief Summary of Things to Come

10 Day 971, 06:20 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

To old and new members of the Social Democrat Party, I wish to foward you with the basic actions that will take place at the beginning of my term in office and my primary ambitions.

My first ambition is to get you all onto the forum We are

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