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[NN] NettoBoy CAN into Congress!

1 Day 1,190, 13:53 Published in Austria Austria

Hmm... my third Congress Election here in Austria have made my aware that it's more than 2 months me being here. I didn't managed to get into Congress a month, and 2 months ago...but was … read more »

[NN] Ambassadors Report: Poland 2/3 & 3/3

6 Day 1,180, 03:23 Published in Austria Austria

Ok, had a lot of RL stuff, but let’s continue: part 2 and 3 together, because of my little delay 😉

[img]http://krzym.[/img] … read more »

[NN] North Korean call for HELP

4 Day 1,176, 06:25 Published in Austria Austria

As you know I used to live in eNK for a long time, spent fantastic time … read more »

[NN] Ambassadors Report: Poland 1/3

11 Day 1,174, 04:23 Published in Austria Austria

So it’s my last series of ambassador article this term, if not last at all – you have to ask Mr President JaFe (btw Congratz 😉) … read more »

[NN] BREAKING NEWS!!! Poland left EDEN - the end, or the new beginning?

8 Day 1,160, 11:02 Published in Austria Austria

I gave myself some longer period of time to write my abassador's report, but as a result of unpredictable event I' … read more »