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Wages on the up!

6 Day 998, 13:39 Published in South Korea South Korea

The Gibraltar group is pleased to announce that all wages in its South Korean Grain, Food and Ticket companies have been increased.

Workers can now earn;

Skill 10 :: 3KRW p/H
Skill 9 :: 2.7KRW p/H
Skill 8 :: 2.4KRW p/H
Skill 7 :: 2.1KRW

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[Declassified] Historical Records

7 Day 997, 10:06 Published in South Korea South Korea

Hidden away in the dusty recesses of the forum we have many topics of intrest that will rarely see the light of day.

For those who fought and those who had yet to arrive in eSK, we have declassified some of these 'hot topics' so that you may

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eSK economy: Stage 2

5 Day 993, 16:04 Published in South Korea South Korea

Forum topic started @

The troubled period of migration to V2 is coming to an end and after some admitidly savage measures taken to ensure employment and a basic standard of living in

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New IRC Channel for South Korea

13 Day 974, 11:15 Published in South Korea South Korea

With our OPs missing in action and our neighbour accelerating the fall into troll status the IRC channel for eSouth Korea has now been moved to #SK

Come join the community and talk about the issues facing our country (and off topic

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Heroes of the Resistance (eSK)

7 Day 970, 01:23 Published in Russia Russia

eSK munitions industry thrives

It has been almost 3 months since the Imperial Jackal nation of eJapan launched her depraved assault upon our fair lands. The … read more »