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I said what?!

22 Day 1,081, 04:05 Published in USA USA

So, you’re still thinking about a career in the eUS Military? Well, to further help you make up your mind, here are some quotes* from actual members of the US Mobile Infantry.

Lieutenant [url=

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The Interview Segment

11 Day 1,072, 20:14 Published in USA USA

Back by popular demand, the interview segment is a staple of military reporting. It’s also a nice way for me to get an article out without having to be all that creative. These interviews are often with high-ranking officer-types, but today I’ve

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History of the World, Part 1. Minus the Art Critic.

15 Day 1,067, 20:31 Published in USA USA

Spamgobbler drags the sealed chest full of documents out into the light from the forgotten corners of the eUS Mobile Infantry HQ, cracks open the lock with the butt of his rifle and starts rifling through the papers within. With his rifle. Heh read more »

Operation Landlocked

26 Day 841, 08:33 Published in USA USA

Dateline: Gauteng, South Africa

Operation Codename: Landlocked
This wasn’t the US Mobile Infantry’s first junket to South Africa but the MI was hoping to make it our last. For too … read more »

Dateline: Lorraine

9 Day 833, 19:13 Published in USA USA

Dateline: Polish Occupied Lorraine

Our US military had been experiencing some reluctant R & R after Operation Kill the Limey’s when the MI got the call to mobilize in Poland.
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