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The official newspaper of the eUnited States Mobile Infantry

All I Want For Christmas...

18 Day 1,120, 20:15 Published in USA USA

No, not these…

This week we’re looking at some neat gift ideas for your favorite Infantry-man or -woman. Christmahannukwanzaakah is right around the corner (or behind it, … read more »

The Week In Pictures

9 Day 1,112, 20:13 Published in USA USA

UPDATE from last issue: NO ONE guessed the fake interview question. It was this one:

What was your favorite military campaign?
I’d have to say the Three Pillars Campaign, because the last pillar (Liaoning) really signified the end of
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Interview Redux

6 Day 1,106, 05:06 Published in USA USA

This week’s issue is a return to the past of sorts. One of my predecessors as MI Press Officer, Dania, used to have a contest for the interview issues in which she would make up a question and answer, and whoever the first person to guess which one

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The Pie Issue

22 Day 1,096, 19:40 Published in USA USA

In honor of 3 years of eRepublik (or of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, if you prefer), the eUS Mobile Infantry would like to present the first in a continuing series of tributes to its favorite dessert: PIE!

First up,

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History of the World, Part 1A - Fever Dreams

11 Day 1,087, 19:17 Published in USA USA

Our story continues…

Grnah (the first Mobile Infantrywoman, for those of you who forgot, were not paying attention or didn’t much care in the first place) returned victorious to the village of Pyncwr (“place where there is slightly … read more »