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The official newspaper of the eUnited States Mobile Infantry

Recruitment Time!

20 Day 1,227, 19:59 Published in USA USA

First order of business is to announce the winner of the contest from the Zyria interview issue. The bogus question-and-answer set is below:

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Battle Cry Interviews - The Zyria Edition

25 Day 1,217, 21:10 Published in USA USA

This week, we’re interviewing Major Zyria, one of the Mobile Infantry’s finest. In addition to her current role as Quartermaster for the Mobile Infantry, Zyria has also served in

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Insert Clever Witticisms Here

21 Day 1,204, 20:29 Published in USA USA

First order of business: Congratulations to MI Lieutenant n4n0 who was not only the only person to guess at the made-up question in last issue’s interview, he also got it right! I guess

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Yet Another Interview

14 Day 1,193, 20:29 Published in USA USA

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s MI Battle Cry Interview time again! This time, as always with our interview segments, there will be a complete BS question and answer, and if you guess it FIRST, you get the best Q5-or-closest weapon I can

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Some Vices For the Vice President

7 Day 1,178, 19:06 Published in USA USA

Not this, this is a vise

We here at the Battle Cry feel that our former commanding officer, [url=]GoalieBCSC[/url], might need some guidance in his new … read more »