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My heart goes out to Japan.

16 Day 1,207, 18:43 Published in USA USA

I never use my newspaper for anything other then my congressianol campaigns but today i want to use it some RL good.

Today the country of Japan was rocked by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake right off northeast coast near the city of Sendai causing a

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9 Day 1,191, 23:48 Published in USA USA

New Dawn in Baja.

My hopes for Congress,
1: Stabilizing the USD and eUSA's Economy.
2: Lower Income Taxes to 20%.
3: Keep the Import Taxes Strong.
4: Raise … read more »

Elect Lord Krauser to Represent Indiana

11 Day 1,037, 23:05 Published in USA USA

Lord Krauser's Goal's
1 Import Taxes of 3% on all Manufacturing Goods but not on Food.
2 Raise Minimum Wage to 0.20 USD.
3 Lower Income Taxes to 22% but not on Iron.
4 More
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Re-Elect Lord Krauser in Michigan!

3 Day 977, 22:58 Published in USA USA

LK’s goals for Congress
1 Import taxes on Manufacturing goods
2 Cutting the VAT tax on food
3 More accountability on Military,Executive and Congress
4 More responsibility
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LK is Running in MI!

5 Day 946, 23:47 Published in USA USA

The Goals for LK in Congress
1 Fix and Reopen the Modal Congress/Chamber of Deputies
2 Defend the Constitution
3 Government Run Gold eLottery
4 Housing Fund for Soldiers
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