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Formerly "Za Muudii Nyuusu", now a newspaper about the simple life of IRL Japan (by an IRL Brit).

フォーラムを日本語にしよう (a suggestion)

9 Day 1,846, 04:31 Published in Japan Japan Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

(From the Forum)

I've read a few articles as of late that talk about trying to get IRL Japanese players into eRepublik, so why not start with a quick look at the forum. A quick look … read more »

Let's Party

17 Day 1,844, 07:33 Published in Japan Japan Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

So when I came back from the dead I was prompted to join a political party. Before leaving for a while I was a member of the Desu Workers Party, staying with the party (mainly due

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Fighting! I'm Doing It Wrong?

7 Day 1,836, 03:19 Published in Japan Japan First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

So just to reiterate I've come back to eRepublik from a break and am trying to get back into the swing of things. For the most part I'm getting on fine, even where features have changed and various wikis and so on haven't been updated.

But when

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What have I missed?

6 Day 1,830, 23:14 Published in Japan Japan First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Well I'm back from a long break away from ERepublik and it seems like some changes have taken place. Not only with the system as a whole, but ... I'm in the People's Republic of China? When did that happen?

Ok folks, please fill me in on what's

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Darlo for DWPPP

10 Day 876, 17:05 Published in Japan Japan

Good evening (or morning or afternoon depending on what time you read this).

I'm Darlo('s World) and I would like to announce my formal decision to run for president of the DWP. Up until recently I had supported another candidate to run, however

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