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35 Day 2,650, 11:40 Published in Romania Romania Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The true face of our society

A story by an anonymous guy

"Yesterday I was on a date with my girlfriend Ana, a 22 years old lady from my town. She is short, bony and looks young, exactly the opposite of read more »

Companies in Israel [RESOURCE WAR]

21 Day 2,639, 00:01 Published in Israel Israel Financial business Financial business

Companies Profitability in Israel

This article analyzes the changes in the profitability of companies in Israel due to the resource wars event. Todau the new resources Israel obtained during the event became … read more »

Presidential Platform

20 Day 2,630, 12:34 Published in Israel Israel Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Presidential Platform

Dear citizens of Israel,

As the presidential elections are near I would like to announce my candidacy. This article is going to be short and sweet so if you have some free time read more »

Biggest noob ever award goes to ... me

47 Day 2,629, 10:47 Published in Israel Israel Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Today I made a mistake in the monetary market and lost 210 Gold

The biggest noob ever award goes to ... me

read more »

Food Giveaway For Newbies

50 Day 2,624, 06:16 Published in Israel Israel First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Food Giveaway For Newbies

Hello people!

I have some extra food in my storage so I am going to share it with newbies.

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