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eIrish Ambassadors

12 Day 785, 21:36 Published in Ireland Ireland

Here is our complete list of our Ministry and Ambassadors from Ireland to the nations of the eWorld.

Co-Ministers of Foreign Affairs:
don.squire (Sol, AHA & Neutral Nations)
Lordoirish (EDEN)

Deputy Minister:
Nephworks (

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Know your Foreign Affairs : Poland

8 Day 785, 13:41 Published in Ireland Ireland

Poland belongs to the group of country that were in eRepublik since the beginning , in its early days like many other countries Poland had only a handful of players populating it . During the Sweden-Germany war Germany annexed … read more »

Ambassadors Needed

9 Day 782, 13:12 Published in Ireland Ireland

Hello citizens of Ireland it is your CoMoFA Lordoirish here writing an article to ask for your help . There is one thing that every MoFA always has trouble with and that is Ambassadors and finding people to apply to be them , now so far me and don

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15 Day 781, 23:37 Published in Ireland Ireland

<strong>ENTENTE ALLIANCE<strong>

Erepublik is known for it many and changing alliances. My purpose today is to introduce eIreland to the Entente Alliance.

Unlike the world-power alliance of EDEN and Phoenix (and previously Atlantis and

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Hello from the Irish Foreign Ministry

13 Day 779, 15:04 Published in Ireland Ireland


Hello my fellow Irishmen and women it is I your Co-MoFa LordoIrish just here to introduce myself and my Co-Minister don.squire . Together me and don hope to form a great FA team .

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