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Cork and Kerry Citzens, want back to Ireland?

11 Day 952, 15:26 Published in Poland Poland

Have you been stuck behind Polish lines, in the Irish region of Cork and Kerry?

If so please contact me, JohnSmith 2K9 Irish MOFA or this Org, and I will give you the link to get you 2 Moving tickets to get back to Ireland via Singapore city,

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Ambassador needed!

18 Day 931, 16:14 Published in Ireland Ireland

Have you ever wanted to help your nation but don’t know where to start, An Ambassador ship is a great way to start, it’s a great way to get experice, so if you are active and want to help Ireland please apply for the following spots, I will update

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Ministry Update: Interim MoFA

14 Day 915, 03:58 Published in Ireland Ireland

Owing to the recent circumstance experienced by our former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Santiago Hortez, effective immediately, I, Anaille Kolshire, will be assuming

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[MoFA] Statement on Japan-South Korea Conflict

22 Day 909, 00:48 Published in Ireland Ireland

This is a public government statement and does not reflect the author's views

Official Government Statement on the Japan-South Korea War

Date: 18 May 2010
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[MoFA] Presenting the Irish Secret Service

33 Day 908, 22:19 Published in Ireland Ireland

Good morning to all,

This is the first major update from the Foreign Ministry so far. I have had a very very busy week so far and I think you can recognise it from the amount of talking I've had to do with VPs, Presidents, and such.

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