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Ambassador report - The List

3 Day 1,029, 10:29 Published in Ireland Ireland

The following is the list of ambassadors:




Australia-Mossey Hayes


UK-Conway Twitty


Germany-Connor O'Farrell

Bolivia-Anthony Colby

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Ambassador Report 2 ; Apply now 2

9 Day 1,026, 05:31 Published in Ireland Ireland

Dear eIreland citizens,

It has come to my attention that my previous article was largely unread. Which is why I am re-writing it. . To apply for any ambassadorial position contact me, seanlynch or the Irish froeign affairs ministry. The 3

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Ambassador Report ; Apply Now

1 Day 1,025, 12:39 Published in Ireland Ireland

What an ambassador does?
An ambassador is the link between the Irish Government and a country's government and people. To apply for a ministry message me.
REPORT 1 ; The first report which must be complied is about the country's stat's. Like

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FA Update-End of Term Updates

19 Day 1,016, 15:13 Published in Ireland Ireland

Greetings Ireland,

Today is the Update for end of term.

The Irish Foreign Ministry would like to extend its congratulations and appreciation to all Ambassadors currently serving in the Ambassador Corps. My first portion of this article is

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Minister Karl Kornes Report

9 Day 1,001, 19:27 Published in Ireland Ireland

Evening Fellow Irish,

I am writing my Minister report for all to see as requested by Snakey, Our fearless president who has done much for our nation. My report will describe the many revolutionary changes and changes to come to the way Foreign

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