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E-Leaving - the new national pasttime!

16 Day 768, 20:44 Published in Australia Australia

E-Leaving is the act of leaving an internet community, usually in a spectacular fashion or accompanied by a vicious tirade. Over the past month many eAustralians have e-left due to various personal disputes.

The great thing about e-leaving is

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Vote Infin for Senate - Queensland

4 Day 765, 00:05 Published in Australia Australia

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I wrote a detailed article explaining my plans if elected to the Senate for Queensland. On a more general note I would just

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Strong recovery in AUD today

3 Day 763, 04:47 Published in Australia Australia

Yesterday the Gold/AUD foreign exchange traded at around 59 and today sees it at 52.5. This is a fantastic recovery and good news for all our importers, while WA and NT are out of our control.

Strength in our AUD means strength in our war

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Seeking leadership

4 Day 762, 21:21 Published in Australia Australia

It has been unnervingly quiet from Australia's top brass over the last week. I have no problems with our strategy, Brazil are on the offensive and we must absorb their attacks - show them we are up to their challenge. I don't write to criticise

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Comment - Currency, War

3 Day 761, 17:07 Published in Australia Australia

Currency rates

As is usual in times of war, the value of our currency, the Aussie dollar (AUD), has depreciated greatly. Current offers to sell gold are pricing the Australian dollar at over $59 per gold. Last month the Aussie dollar was … read more »