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162 Day 1,514, 03:45 Published in Serbia Serbia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Today Indonesian Have Big Battle in Kalimantan Resistance Wars , we fight Against EDEN tanker who spent more than 40m tanking

But behind them , there's bunch of cockroach following them

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272 Day 1,368, 00:12 Published in Indonesia Indonesia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis


President Impeachment Law Proposal

Untuk meredam suara suara yang bilang kalau impeachment itu bukan suara rakyat mari kita referendum melalui artikel ini.

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MPP with Spain and Brazil

141 Day 1,219, 20:22 Published in Indonesia Indonesia

Dear our congressman,

Please pick one of these options:

1. YES for both MPP (The aggressor will lost our MPP. It will be the aggressor's consequence, just like what we had in Indo Vs USA war, we lost our MPP with Brazil here because we

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USA... Srsly?

307 Day 1,196, 02:28 Published in Indonesia Indonesia

Well well well ...

According to this article, Turkey is PanAm member.

But in this [url=

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The Quality of Erepublik Moderator

115 Day 1,125, 21:37 Published in Indonesia Indonesia

Well, picture says all ...

Link to profile

From my point of view, he doesn't deserve

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