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The other fight will begin soon

3 Day 1,916, 12:32 Published in India India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The "not-anymore-invincible" Aussies are at the drawing room of our home waiting for another fight, to be fought with red cherry and willow sword, wearing white pajamas. But there is no Ricky, no Mike, no Rahul, Vangipurappa as well. The "century

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Once Again call your own soul

8 Day 1,896, 13:11 Published in India India First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

The nation was no existing few days ago. And it is regaining some foot, though many places still away from our reach with the croats like Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra..... So call your own soul.
Whoever can contribute with their ammunition through

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