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Imperialist Party President

4 Day 855, 17:06 Published in USA USA

Uhh, yeah... that's me. What up?!

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Lose Weight FAST!

18 Day 692, 07:22 Published in Iran Iran

Are you tired of being fat & bloated?

Are you carrying excess pounds in the form of occupied foreign regions?

Are you ready to say 'goodbye' to belly fat and 'hello' to a new, slim country?

Well, look no further...

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Rolling Out the Welcome Wagon!!

41 Day 690, 09:26 Published in Iran Iran

Thank you for the warm welcome!

A number of your fine citizens have already sent polite welcome messages, and I … read more »

A New Beginning

4 Day 645, 19:04 Published in Greece Greece

I would like to publicly thank the leaders of Greece of accepting my request for citizenship!

Like many others, I have found the people of this country to be warm & friendly. I look forward to a future full of new friendships and successes.
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Patriots & Pinheads

96 Day 635, 12:52 Published in USA USA

Editor's Note: Someone suggested that perhaps I was being a meanie in this article. So I'm adding this note. This is all, of course, only my opinion. Personally, I would classify the first group as the "Patriots" and the latter groups as … read more »